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Through efforts to high things

And more?

A computer geek with great passion, loving life, food, travel, politics, culture and any new things of the technologies.


I'm good at the algorithm and have programming language skills with PHP, Java, Python, Golang. Especially, loving doing the front-end things.


A realtime temperature monitoring web system based on Rasberry Pi, DHT11/DHT22 and LCD1602. Refactoring the codes with React.js.



This is a project based on the blockchain and is aim to reshape the current e-voting system into the blockchain-based system to guarantee the privacy of the voters.



In my GitHub, there are approximately 30 repos, including the front-end, back-end projects or a simple Python hack tools. Welcome to follow or star.



I have ever traveled extensively over China and was dreamming of traveling around the world. Really enjoying the different cultures and the photography when traveling.


Enjoying the cuisine form different countries, including Chinese, French, Indian and any other cuisines. Literally, I'm a food lover and can cook for myself.



With the development of the Internet, generation Z has grown up.

When I was a child, I made a simple VB6 program according to the textbook, feeling like a treasure.

At the age of 12, I have always been exploring the functionality of IIS and ASP which was my toy.

When I was 14, I made a lot of templates for a blog system or even got a webshell of a website with the feeling of stirring.

Finally, I fell in love with programming. Even in the S60 platform, I can write a Python program run on the phone.

When I was in high school, I took part in an algorithm competition. After that, I can see the beauty of the algorithm.

Once my friend recommend me to use Ubuntu, Linux became my favorite system and got that even CLI can make everything.

Anyway, I am a real computer geek who is keen on jailbreaking, rooting and any other operation can control your device.

The motivation of above idea is quite simple. Doing what I love to do makes me feel happier again and again.

The years I studying at the university were the fastest growing years of technologies. I learned more as possbile.

The life became more meaningful after I joined GitHub. I started writing some repositories related to the front-end and back-end.

Since 2000, I have been studying different programming languages and technologies.

Even I do not know why my path is so complicated.

The technologies is so wide but for me, I'm just keeping

Follwing my heart